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Default Will Reaper ever scroll and zoom smoothly

So I guess most Mac users, like me, are using a Magic Mouse and are used to super smooth, pixel by pixel scrolling and zooming in most apps with a nice inertia effect, so when you give your mouse a swipe it will scroll for a longer distance until you put your finger back on. Until little ago I was working with Logic (and a little bit of S1) and both also worked like this.
Now that I switched to Reaper, when using the mouse to scroll and zoom, it seems to do so at a very low resolution, basically the UI elements jump in chunks of pixels.
Also the inertia fades out in a sluggish way doing some pretty large and slow jumps towards the end. Scrolling works a bit better than zooming.

Funnily enough I noticed when scrolling by dragging the top part of the ruler or the scrollbar at the side Reaper moves the UI elements in a much smoother way. The bottom scroll bar for some reason works smoothly like the ruler when zoomed far out but when zoomed far in it seems even more jumpy than the mouse.

Ultimately I noticed even when doing things where the UI elements actually move pixel by pixel (like dragging an item without snap, or as described before, dragging the ruler to scroll) it looks more flickery than in other apps, like all the grid lines, ruler numbers, items etc are flashing. In Logic and S1 it looks like the UI elements manage to somehow smoothly change position without being refreshed at each movement.

So could someone who knows more about graphics and programming than me explain why scrolling and zooming with the mouse isn't as smooth as for example by dragging the ruler? Is that difficult to program and not a priority or is there actually some reason to not do that (like drawbacks for people that use mice with stepped scroll-wheels)?
If it is possible to make scrolling/zooming smooth, will it be easily possible also to make inertia for magic mouse users work like in other apps or is that difficult to do?
And what does it take to make UI elements move smoothly like in other apps as if they weren't redrawn?

Hope someone can shed some light on these issues, are more important to me than I'd like to admit

Link to the video I posted few posts later - here you can see the issue I am talking about:

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