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Default Bring all VSTis into one folder?

Hi all,

(this has been posted as a new stand-alone post, along this one here, not too sure how to hit the crowd who could help me. Sorry if I overstepped boundaries, let me know and I'll make it right...)

All right. Well, I'm starting to feel the pain of some dispersion of VSTs and VSTis on my computer and wonder if there's a utility that could find, grab and relocate them all. Once you start finding some cool ones and grabbing them, it's like browsing Kijiji, you get lost and end up with tons of them all over the place.

My softwares:

- Reaper
- Magix premium 15
- Cakewalk 9 ProAudio (yep, on Windows 7)
- EastWest Producer Collection (with PLAY)
- Synthogy
- Alchemy (lite?)
- Morphine
- FruityLoop 10 (demo)
- Izotope 4
- Reaktor 5

My goal: make my VSTs and VSTis easily accessible to all my DAWs. But I'm getting lost in the ocean of samples I have, and I don't know how to find my way back without breaking anything.

The main DAWs I'll be using would be Reaper, Magix and maybe something from NI.

Anyone has a realistic suggestion? Is there a VSTi librarian I could use without affecting latency? Or what would you suggest I do...


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