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Default Move cursor by grid divisions

Currently there are no actions to move by bars, beats or fractions (8ths, 16ths, 32nds), so I wrote a ReaperScript that does this, using the function keys.

I've included two scripts, one jumps to regions, and one moves in grid divisions.

Both have the middle mouse button mapped to select on items...just click the middle mouse button and release, drag to select, and right-click to finish the selection.

F11 is mapped to 'delete file' if you abort recording.

Keypad (/) is mapped to stop recording, delete file, restart recording. (The (/) key does not work normally in Reaper. )

I've tested with the default keymap, all works fine here. Hopefully since I made it so easy, somebody else will try it.

Ok, I've made this dead easy and it works on the default keymap (DK).

Just download and unrar, and place the folder in ProgramFiles/REAPER. There's a shortcut to drag onto the desktop or start button.

Double click the shortcut to start, choose your script and press ok (or double click)

Reaper shift-F1 to see the mapped functions.

Press Alt-F1 to change to another script.

(Thanks to Art Evans for creating ReaperScript DIY!)


*and markers here:

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