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Yes, the steps I described do assume a working knowledge of Kontakt and the basics of Reaper.

So here's another try.

Originally Posted by musicmashane View Post
To be more clear so that it's understood exactly what I'm trying to do, let's pretend I'm trying to set up a 4 piece band. I want four sequencer tracks (drawn in on Reaper) each with their own corresponding instrument on Kontakt.
In Reaper:
-- right- click below any existing track headers (Track Control Panels, or TCPs)
-- select "Insert Virtual Instrument on new track,
-- select Kontakt by double-clicking it,
-- on the "Building Routing Confirmation" window, click "Yes" is you want separate audio outputs for each Instrument, otherwise click "No"

In Kontakt:
-- see Chapter 14 in the Kontakt manual for full details
-- open the Outputs section, by clicking the Mixer icon at the top
-- click [Add channel] 3 times to add three more Output channels to Kontakt
-- if there is a Surround 5.1 channel, select it and click [Delete channel]
-- you should then have 4 main channels and 4 Aux channels
-- for each of the main channels, click [Conf], type in a name ("st.2") etc, and select the physical outputs by clicking them and selecting from the list (st.1 should go to the first two plugin outputs, st.2 to the next two etc
-- you may need to close and re-open Kontakt to apply those changes (I don't here)

-- load your 4 Instruments into the Kontakt Rack
-- for the instruments, change the Outputs to st.1, 2, 3, 4 respectively and the MIDI Ch to [A] 1, 2, ,3 or 4 respectively

Now you have 4 instruments in Kontakt, each receiving MIDI on its own channel and sending its audio out on a separate channel

Back in Reaper:
-- set up 4 tracks to send MIDI to Kontakt
-- select the Kontakt track
-- click [Track], select "Insert track", repeat 3 more times
-- for each of those 4 tracks,
drag the [io] button onto the Kontakt track
in the pop-up dialogue, click on the "v" next to "Audio 1/2" and select "None",
click on the "v" after ">= All" and select the MIDI channel for that track
double-click the track name area and type in the Instrument name
Now you have:
4 tracks routing MIDI into Kontakt, each using a different channel,
4 Instruments in Kontakt each receiving MIDI on a different channel,
4 output channels in Kontakt, each receiving a different Instrument's audio
many output tracks in Reaper, the first 4 receving the audio from Kontakt.
You can delete the additional output tracks if you want.


Save all the tracks as a track Template
-- select them all (click the first, Shift+click the last)
-- right-click, select "Save selected tracks as track template"
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