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Guys I am sorry but I am more lost now than I ever was. I don't want to sound negative, but I'm completely confused, as every time I try and find something to help guide me through the steps I need to get in order to achieve the results I'm looking for, I seem to find forums, videos etc, that never really take me from A to Z.

They either start from G and seem to end at Q, or they are explained in technical talk that speaks to me like I know what something is or where it's located.

I am brand new to Kontakt and Reaper both. I'm trying to get it set up so that Reaper acts as my Master/Trigger and Kontakt plays each instrument it's told to play through Reaper's sequencer.

To be more clear so that it's understood exactly what I'm trying to do, let's pretend I'm trying to set up a 4 piece band. I want four sequencer tracks (drawn in on Reaper) each with their own corresponding instrument on Kontakt.

For the first sequencer track on Reaper, I want it to trigger the guitars from one of the guitar libraries I have in Kontakt's library. For the second track on Reaper, I want it to correspond with the bass. For the third, drums, and fourth we'll say another guitar or other sound/instrument etc.

How do I set this up? I've followed just about every step out there, but every time I attempt to do it, I get completely lost. Either the words are changed due to different versions of both programs. (I'm on Kontakt 4 and Reaper 3.76 by the way) Or I hear things explained that talk to me like I'm supposed to know what certain terms are, where they are located, or what it means, when I have absolutely no understanding of certain technical terms and locations, etc.

For instance, under the section from above: Separate MIDI Input and Audio Out tracks [Kontakt 3]

Under step 5 it says:

5 Configure the routing inside the VSTi; for Kontakt 3:
- create the additional Kontakt Mixer channels if needed,
- connect each Kontakt Mixer channel to the appropriate VSTi Reaper outputs,
- route each Instrument to the desired Kontakt mixer channel.

lol, sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what any of this means or how to do it. How do I create the additional Kontakt mixer channels? How do I connect them to the appropriate VSTi Reaper outputs? How do I route them? See how hopeless I am? lol.

also under step 2 (same section) it says:

2 Build 16 tracks of MIDI input and, for each track, select the MIDI input device/channel:
In the FX Chain window, click [Options] select "Build 16 channels of MIDI routing to this track".
For each of the MIDI tracks, right-click the Record [R] button, select the MIDI input device and channel.

When I right-click record/arm button on each of these tracks, it gives me different options. I go to "Midi Input" and then I have the following 3 options: Virtual Midi Keyboard, All Midi Inputs, and Map Input to Channel.

For what I'm trying to do, which one do I need or do I not even go to "Midi Input" but instead am supposed to be selecting something else?

I could really use help from someone walking me through the beginning, to the end. I hope I don't come off as needy, but I'm just so lost and have tried and tried off and on for weeks (between my schedule) to figure out what I'm doing with no luck or understanding if I'm doing it right.

I do not need pictures (as I don't want it to be any more troublesome or burdening than it needs to be). Just step for step instructions that say, "step one, do this... step two, now click on this... and select the following option (as it's listed)" instead of saying technical things like, "now route your such and such to this cadabber" as I end up saying, "what in the world does this mean" lol.

Also, if it's located in a certain spot or drop down menu or window, it would be extremely helpful if it would say something like, "now a window pops up, and to the left you'll see a small green box that says ... click that and select..."

I am very grateful to all who have helped and taken time to post things like the above and it's very thoughtful of you all who've put fourth the effort and energy to give us info, but unfortunately, I just am not getting it do to being brand new to all this kind of info. Thanks again my friends for anyone who has tried to help me so far, and thanks for being patient with a complete noob lol.
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