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Default How to make your keyboard control filter cutoff. Wobble bass.

Track 1 with audio source and the filter in question.
Track 2 set to Midi input from your controller.

Put REasynth (it's light) on track 2 , set to square and fast attack etc.
Drag IO button from Track 2 to track 1 to create a send.
Send from Track 2 Audio 1-2 to Audio 3-4 on Track 1.

Either select a pre send and bring down the Fader on track 2 if you don't want to hear the (trigger synth) or just ALt click on the on the IO button , that will remove trigger from master.

Now you go to track one , select plugin , select the parameter that you wish to control by touching it or moving it slightly.Reaper will remember that while you go to the upper right corner of the plugin window and find Param. Open that and select parameter modulation.

There you select Audio signal as the modulator.

Take notice of the TRACK CHANNEL option , there you will select the 3-4 Input that you just created as a send from track 2 as the modulator.

Put audio on track one , play keyboard on track 2 and open your filter by playing the keys. Tweak response and settings to your liking in the parameter modulation window and in REasynth.

Then you save as track template and you never have to set it up again.

Keep in mind that the track now also will open up according to a midi file, now that's obvious but what isn't so apparent is that when you save your track template , you can save media as well.

That means trigger patterns can be saved with the template and imported as well , stacked as takes , use T to switch takes and rythm's.

That's what I do.

Now ,if you left the TRACK CHANNEL at 1-2 then the Track itself will control the modulation , set to 3-4 and your send from track 2 will control it.

Set it to neither and select an lfo.

Have fun.
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