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I voted yes.

Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
If I had Justin's ear over a shot of Jack Daniels I would honestly ask why there isn't an *optional* real midi track class aside from the universal track class.

I'm not really sure why being able to say that one thing "Only one track class for everything!" is so important to so many people, since it would still be there afterward, the universal track, anyway.

This would be more, not less. A midi track with cc fader, pan, meter and all the standard stuff on the TCP. Don't need it? Ignore it.
Sums up my feelings on this. Most of the other solutions seem a bit like 'hacks'.

What I would prefer is more flexibility in saving default tracks with the ability to hide plugins in the chain and better ability to dock their controls in the actual track UI itself. This would not only allow users to setup their own "MIDI track" but also other things like a built in high-pass on audio tracks etc.

A content-aware inspector would also do the trick.
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