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Originally Posted by e.g.: View Post
Not at all. Never said such a thing. I'm not sure how you came to such a conclusion. I guess I'm not communicating well enough, and you're filling in blanks.

Oh well...good luck.
That part wasn't directed at you (specifically).

It was gofer that said:

Originally Posted by gofer View Post
Knobs don't necessarily need to waste space. They could be any size, form, place or function if they just are improved in that direction.

I think at the end of the day what I'm looking for is something that is INTEGRATED (which can mean many different things to many people) and streamlines process.

The alternative is to just throw features at it without necessarily integrating it into any process or paradigm (knobs that can send whatever you want wherever you want) but wouldn't even coordinate amongst themselves on what channel the track is, etc.

Although I think better track customization would be a good thing in general, I think it will create a fancier hodge podge midi if it's not integrated into some type of paradigm where the controls coordinate amongst themselves and if the customization is at quite an extreme level in terms of drawing and layout.


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