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Originally Posted by e.g.: View Post
As a previous poster said, add the features that would allow the universal track type to mimic a MIDI track, just offer an "insert MIDI track" option similar to the "insert vst" option. It's still the same ole universal track, just preloaded for MIDI.

No. Because that doesn't solve the massive amount of clickyness involved in setting patches or whatever, doesn't solve redundant and useless volume control, etc, for hardware synths, etc, etc.

That's the whole point of this track type, to better expose that stuff farther up in the UI.

Building your own UI for this with knobs wastes vast amount of space and Reaper could and should handle it natively and better (well at least we'll see what the polls says).

Internally it could be a plain old universal track, but it acts like a track set up for midi, not a universal track with preloaded plugins and a standard plugin UI.

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