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Default probably old-hat

I am an admittadly "do i have to?" midi user (i never got into piano roll after a decade of tracking!), and i got frustrated today trying to make a selection of a midi take into a looped section to drag out for rest of song once those few bars were edited tight.

i thought recording with time selection auto punch would do it, but it doesnt make a loop the length of selection amongst other niggles..

the 'item copy looped portion' action means you still have to then paste loop in to place and then no doubt get rid of the original, but its ok, trimming to length and gluing is a better bet but I didn't want to have to use glue - EDIT: well, am going to have to lump it as my setting 'loop source' after 'trim' method relies on the action that only appears as a toggler at the moment so sometimes it doesn't work as expected! -sigh-.

anyway best of the bunch is a childlike 2 line macro of:
trim selected item to selected area -
glue item

select section to loop - hit key and drag it out.
should be as easy native, but hey, its easy now so i'm not complaining. more for new midi folk i guess, but handy.

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