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Default "Apply FX..." Crash.

When apllying a few FX on a track with around ten audio events, whenever Reaper reaches the end of applying the FX, Reaper crashes. The audio has a volume-curve fade out at the end.
Okay, I tested quite a bit. I removed all other tracks, removed all master FX, removed all automation, and removed all other FX but JCM900 (Simulanalog Guitar Suite). I noticed that I could remove a few of the audio events, but certain combination of events had to stay in order for the crash to happen. I have to give up on this, I don't know how to test it any more.

I will share this project, as soon as I find a sensible place to fit it in, the whole project now has a total size of almost 19Mb.
The project can be downloaded for testing here: (~19Mb)
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