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Default Production - Mixing

AB Level Matching

This script combo matches automatically the loudness level at the beginning of your plug-in chain with the level at the end.

It also provides a manual delay compensation. Additionally it could automatically calculate the PDC of your plug-in chain in order to compare audio streams at the sample position.

It also shows some audio-statistics and a GUI for loudness distribution.A short manual is included.

Accompanying video:

chanmix2 GUI (Rev 2)

talkback plugin

Talkback control - mutes on play, rec and when audio exceeds threshold


I thought this might go at the end after some EQ and Reverb.
4 stereo channels, Level for each channel, with an option at the end to send all channels back to 1+2
Each channel has Mute/On/Solo, Volume, Pan
Master section to select Output: None/1+2/3+4/5+6/7+8/Original/All
Master Vol and Pan.

chanmix2 GUI

Here's another GUI for the chanmix2 plugin (by special request of Teej). This one's a little "out there" but I wanted to do something different than the usual "sliders and knobs".
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