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Default Audio FX

12ax7 tube emulation

12ax7 tube emulation, based on the odd and even harmonics generated by the Altec 1566 mic preamp clone:

LFO Generator (for Parameter Modulation)

Place this plugin early in the effects chain, route it around so any effects on the track can use it for modulating a parameter. You can then automate the LFO speed, height and offset.

ccernn/fx_glitch (updated: v0.0.9 with MIDI)


Trance Gate Effect

A very basic JS trance gate effect. You can separately control the pattern for left and right, adjust the pulse width, and create different feels by adjusting the pattern steps per beat. There is a rudimentary graphical display to help demonstrate what the sliders are doing

Liteon's JS plugins pack

* deesser
split-band (or multiband) de-esser. Linkwitz-Riley crossover. Allows fast or slow time constants. Monitor switch. High-pass or bandpass target. gr-meter

* pseudo-stereo fx

This is based on 'mdaStereo' by Paul Kellet. Can be used for:
  • mono-to-stereo conversations.
  • Uses one feedback delay on R ('Haas fx' mode)
  • or 2 separate feedback delays for L & R ('Comb' mode).
* RingModulator (ringmodulator) - A simple ring modulator circuit emulation. Uses a sinewave as the modulation signal, which can be 'waveshaped' with a diode, so that only the positive semi-periods of time sine wave pass through. Has feedback and non-linearities.
* WaveshaperMulti (filename: waveshapermulti) A waveshaper bank with different waveshaper formulas.

Subtractive Stereoizer

What it does:
Used it combination with another effect, it stereofies a mono signal in a way that is 100% mono compatible. (It subtracts the difference between the processed and the unprocessed channels from the unprocessed one.)
How to use it:
Put the Subtractive Stereoizer after another effect of your liking (EQ, transient modifier etc) and make sure that other effect is set to only input from and process one channel.

AudioBlank Marshall MG15-CD

It has a neat GUI simulating guitar amp Marshall MG15-CD. It doesn't do any audio processing. It can be used to keep the knobs' levels and button states set on the amp during recording a track.

Pan Left Pan Right

This creates a pan control for Left, a pan control for Right. Each channel can be shifted all the way, with mono in the middle. Also Pre and Post Volume for each channel, and an Master Volume Out.

JS GUI - Stompbox

A little wood and steel. Knobs are a bit off-axis but hey, that could happen in real life as well right? :-)

Ozzifier GUI

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