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Default FX EQs

Liteon's JS plugins pack

* tilt-eq
I've tried to model the "niveau filter" of the elysia mpressor here

* PresenceEQ (presenceeq) - Top-end EQ based on James A. Moorer's formulas. Can add presence to the top end of sounds. Bandwidth of the boost is somehow smart and frequency dependant.
Good sound.
* BassManager (filename: bassmanager) - This is a plugin for managing your bass samples. The idea behind this plugin is to make bass samples more present in the mix. It has full control over the low end. Sounds can be processed in stereo or mono. It has a 2pole lowshelf filter for boosting frequencies. Also a build in saturator, a control for high-end muffle and a limiter.

4-band 8-channel EQ (controls REAEQ) (beta)

A way for a JS plugin to control parameters on any other plugin. This is an example of controlling EQ on 8 tracks. There's a limit of 64 knobs per JS plugin, so that's why I don't have more controls. The fact is any UI can easily be made with this plugin to control any plug anywhere...

MIDI trigger EQ ducker/gater/pumper

A MIDI triggered EQ. Has also a gate and pump mode. Makes a superb MIDI triggered de-esser

Overtone EQ

Based on Scott Stillwell's RBJ Cookbook EQ.
It's a dynamic EQ that takes a MIDI note input and calculates the note frequency and harmonic overtones then adjusts each EQ bands frequency accordingly.
It is best used more as a sound shaping tool than a normal EQ and works well on monophonic lines, although it can also work on polyphonic lines when just fed the bass notes.
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