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Default FX Filters

formant filter / speech synthesis

My plan is to define a set of phonemes using noise/saw/square oscillator and formant filters, and some additional stuff for plosives and stuff. Then select/play those via MIDI notes and/or controllers.

Liteon's JS plugins pack

* StateVariable (morphing) filter (statevariable) -Filter which uses x,y pads to morph between different states - LP, HP, BP, BR.
* AppleFilter v.2 (applefilter72db) - Original filter from AU tutorial. Modification allows up to 12pole cascade (HP, LP).
* 3BandPeakFilter (3bandpeakfilter) - Filter bank containing two biquad peak filters from Stanley A. White's algorithms (JAES versions). Each filter provides three fully parametric bands. The plugin can be used as a three band EQ. Saturation control is also available.
* ShelvingFilter (shelvingfilter) - Plugin with LowShelf and HighShelf biquad filters based on James A. Moorer's formulas.
* Butterworth Filter (filename: butterworth24db)
* Chebyshev Filter - Type1 (filename: cheby24db)
* Moog Filter (filename: moog24db)
* RBJ Stereo Filter (filename: rbjstereofilter12db)
* Simple 6db LP Filter (filename: simplelp6db)
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