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Default New Update 14/September/2019

Hey all, I have a made a mod of the recent Superior3 beta theme.

For this one, I have set the minimum mixer height to a much lower one and I've added a new experimental mixer layout designed specifically for the new minimum height. It's a low sidebar layout for those (like myself) who like to dock the mixer at the bottom half of the screen but don't have a large enough screen for the default mixer layout to fit for that situation.

The original mixer layouts are still there but will only look right at the height they were originally meant for. The new minimum height is only for the new sidebar layout.

And I've added some track layouts that tint only when selected.

Full details can be found in the updated text file.

Also, there are small updates (color tweaks) of the following themes...

Default 5 Hybrid Edition
Janne Albinos (tinted & untinted)

and Funktion: Funktional Edition

All of which can be found in the volume 5 collection in post #17 in this thread.

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