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Default Workable Solution with Reaper

I just want to update this issue since other Genos users might check out Reaper and think that it won't work.

Good news. Recording the MIDI files on the Genos and saving them to USB provides everything that's needed to import the files into Reaper.

I tested this extensively and I can reboot the computer and the Genos as often as I like. The MIDI files work perfectly as long as the track output is set to "Workstation 1" which is how the DAW sees the Genos as.

The USB cable is all that's needed and no MIDI cables are necessary between the DAW > Audio Interface > Genos.

For the record. I do not monitor the Genos trough Reaper and use Genos's speaker system instead.

All in all, not an elegant solution but the result is the same.
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