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Originally Posted by mpl View Post
Is that all somehow up to me? I can`t do anything with REAPER build-in sampler.
All I can is just a front-end around existing features.

I can make a script to "fix" pitch offset of corresponding RS5k focused instance sample to have C3 as base note.
Or have proper base note shifted respectively. But it is a stupid waste of time,
because it is an awful workflow implementation (as RS5k manager is and RS5k in some cases specifically),
wouldn`t be rewarded btw - I will just spend my time for the thing noone will use.
That's why I really hope that RS5K gets some love from Reaper devs.
It's like the real antiquity of the whole DAW.
And if they do upgrade it some, yet do not really integrate it with the arrangement and other parts of the DAW,
then they can atleast have API methods for programmers,
like as yourself, to utilize whatever new tools they put in it.

Honestly, if it was up to me, all of 2020 would be about about rebuilding a robust native Sampler. I can go on and on.
But overall, thank you mpl, for making RS5K so much more usable.
It's definitely up to the Reaper devs, though, to bring Sampling in Reaper into 2020 vision.
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