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In the event someone else runs across this issue, I found the answer on FabFilter's forum. Someone asked the following:

Q: Sidechaining in Reaper is normally done by increasing the channel count of a track. In the case of a regular stereo signal, this would be a change from 2 to 4 channels.

Unfortunately, Pro Q3 switches the plugin from Stereo to Quadro Mode when there are more than 2 channels on a track. The processing of channels 3/4 is also activated by default which can be confusing when tracks 3/4 are used later.

Is there a way to use the sidechain in REAPER while keeping Pro-Q3 in stereo mode?

A: Yes! In recent Reaper versions, there's an option for this. In the plug-in connector, click on I/O, then set "Request VST3 bus channel count" to Stereo.
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