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I uploaded new version of the theme 1.2
(download links in the first post)

This version focuses on:
- fx params to make them more coherent with the theme
- TCP master, which was left untouched till now
- fixes in rearranging TCP layout when changing its size

Beside of these, there is bunch of fixes (full log below)

In addition to the theme, I've created my the first script. I derived the code from one of Lokasenna scripts (thank you).

The script is intended to automate creation of VCA folders. Currently it only adds Folder meter track, route audio in Pre-FX mode, and apply theme layouts. in future it should create folder for selected tracks and setup VCA groups.

There is short demonstration:

o Renamed Master Knob layout to Knob Master.
o improved look of fx params, to make them more coherent with the theme
o replaced PAN WIDTH knob by regular pan one. it makes appearance of all pan modes more consistent
o replaced IO button (found in media-explorer) with hi-res asset
o slightly improved outside border of pan knobs to make them more distinct over a background
o MCP set vol.label margin smaller to ensure more space for values
o TCP volthumbs horizontally flipped to match envcp ones. Still not what I wanted to do (lighting from the top to match MCP trims)
x TCP MASTER: give love to this layout
x MCP: fixed routing buttons for some layouts
x ENVCP: fixed hiding value labels when changing height
x TCP: fixed cropped 1px from the bottom of vol slider
x TCP: fxparams overlaped other controls under some conditions in "horizontal meter" layout
x TCP: folder icons overlaped trackidx. Was considering hiding trackidx, but finally I moved it away from icon.
x TCP: volume sliders - fixed bottom pixel cut
x TCP: fixed apearance of fxin and recinput  
x TCP: fixed aligning edges of various elements
x MCP centered pan label value in some layouts
x MCP fixed width of pan/width label in some layouts
x fixed appearance of Layout default layouts in MCP/TCP. Now appears the same as Default scalable (except of volthumbs)
x fixed volbg (MCP/TCP/ENVCP) to match defined size (avoid unneeded scaling)
- removed mcp_*knob images reaper can use their tcp assets
- removed unneeded tcp_volthumb images from group directory
- removed unneeded envcp_volthumb images from altm/ and default/colour directories
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