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Default Record Pads Midi from Maschine 2 to Reaper

Hello SoulEL,

I think I'm looking for the same thing as you.....

When I start Record in Reaper and play the pads on Maschine 2 the notes do not get recorded in Reaper. When I plug a midi keyboard into Maschine 2 and Record in Reaper the notes do get recorded. In the later case this happens when the Reaper Track Input is set to Input:MIDI/Mashcine MK2 In/Channel No X. Thus I can record a performance into Reaper using a midi keyboard and flipping midi channels on the keyboard to trigger different Maschine sounds and the DAW will play it back with the different parts triggering the right sounds. But why can't I do the same thing with the pads on Maschine?

Is that what your asking? it's fecking annoying!
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