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Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
The playability is an entirely different thing than whether it's a good control surface. Haven't tried it as an instrument, but the undrrsized keys and cheap feel on mine would be a deal killer. I have a separate keyboard for capturing performances, a Korg 88 key '80s synth that I plug into an Alesis QSR rack mount sound generator.
I understand that, what I am trying to decide is two fold I guess:

a) What issues (if any) users have had using these models as control surfaces and ease of integrating with Reaper. I want something that will give that tactile element when control soft synth parameters that I miss when using a mouse to change various controls on a soft synth

b) Given that both are the same manufacturer and therefore 'should' be euqally easy (or difficult) to integrate with Reaper, what issues users may have experienced with playability. I am not a classically trained pianist so I dont expect or even need the feel associated with a fully weighted piano. As per my original post, I am using an M-Audio keystation 49 currently which to me feels fine.

What I want I guess is a keyboard controller with various control functions (sliders/knobs etc) integrated that I can use to control my soft synths in one unit so I can play the synth and at the same time control various functions (eg envelope, cut off etc).

By the way - neither keyboard have minikeys as you stated - they both have full size keys.

Many thanks
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