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Default New Themes and Updates 14/July/2019

The interesting thing about uploading a non-compressed folder to Dropbox is that If I want to add any new themes or updates, I don't have to upload a whole new folder. Instead, I can now just add them to the existing folder and that's just what I've done.

The new additions are as follows...

Fusion RJ
WT Brawn HDNoise Flat
and Funktion: Funktional Edition

Mostly minor changes to Hydra, mainly some new layouts and small fixes.
And some significant changes for Funktion and WT Brawn to make them a lot better (in my humble opinion).

Plus, updates for the following existing themes...

Default 5 Hybrid Edition
Grayground Extended
LCS Ringer Blue
Alter Ego Cubase
Fusion De-Mordi-fied
And Konzentration

Full details of the changes can be found in the newly updated text file.

All of which has been uploaded to the Volume 5 folder so no need for a new link. You can just click the link in my previous post and it should be in there.

Let me know of any issues, cheers.
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