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I just cut the reaComp out of the chain and am getting a good sound. The waveform is not too crazy all over the place.
Hi Steven, first let me say that compression will not hurt you vocal or make it sound crazy if it's setup right. Below is a picture of ReeaComp. Notice the settings on it:

Attack: around 3ms
Release: 100 to 150 (this is just a round about figure)
Ratio: set it at 4 for now.
Threshold: When set to 0.0dB, the compressor does nothing, it just passes the signal unaltered.

So load ReaComp back in your vocal track and put it after the EQ as you had it. Then set it up as shown in
the picture and remember to check "Auto make-up".

Now solo your vocal, hit play and slowly start bringing the threshold down as you listen. The first thing
you should hear is the softer parts of you vocals coming up and smoothing out the vocal. Then as you continue
lowering the threshold, it will appear to get louder and eventually you should hear kind of a pumping sound
which means you've gone too far.

So bring the threshold up again to 0.0dB and as you play the vocal, adjust the threshold down to where it sounds good to you.

Originally Posted by sjs94704 View Post
I just went and played back a practice run through on of my songs and it sounds like I will need to ride the faders on the music itself vs. the vocal.

I say this because I have it set so that the music sits at about -18 at the loudest parts of the song. So, that means that I'll have to bring up the volume of the softer parts of the song.

I guess that now that I am paying attention to that I can hear it more.
I don't have time right now Steven, but as soon as I can, I will show you how to adjust the backing instruments
through out the song using a VCA.
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