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Originally Posted by sjs94704 View Post
Hey, Tod:
I went back and read my original message and I guess I was not entirely clear. What I was trying to say is that I did finally discover this auto make-up gain checkbox just a couple days ago! And, it has simply changed everything about how my vocals sound!
Good for you Steven, keep in mind too when adjusting a compressor listen for a kind of a pumping
sound, you'll probably want to start backing off at that point.

Originally Posted by Coachz View Post
And you can also eq individual syllables and add fx to very short phrases with automation.
Yeah, your right Coachz, there's an envelope for every thing now days. In all honesty I'm pretty
conservative with the envelopes. Even back when I was producing songwriters and stage musicians, I used
them when I had to, sometimes more then I should have. One thing I can say coming from the tape days,
I certainly appreciate what we have now.
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