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Hmmmm, let reacapitulate all this things.

Justin makes bootable reaper DAW OS
with Reaperson (something like reason, but better) including
Sound Reaforge wav editor( like SF but more powerfull),
pREAmier video aditor( like adobe premier but smaler and easier)
little drum man inside computer for drums and all help about drum
Whole orchestra for accompaniment and orchestrations with all instruments you can imagine
and at last a beauty (real) girl who delivers you OS in your house adress and stay with you, who sing like no one before. In every language, of course.

and connector to connect computer with heads. Then you just imagine a song, and final product will been burned on your CD without even touching a muouse or keyboard.

Hmmmm. Would it be licenced same as Reaper. It would be nice.

Thank you Justin.

Or, I am just a little immature.

Sory if I hurt someones feeling. I just wish software like this.
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