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it had to be too good to be true. didn't survive a reboot. now same behavior as before with an added bit of detail. this time around i've been able to get dv/avi files to play. the way that seems to work is that, if i play one in the media explorer first and it successfully plays there, then it successfully plays in the timeline as well. not so with the mjpg or prores files. they don't play at all. audio does play but not video.

more info:

i installed the latest 5.979+dev625. i took things incrementally. started by just extracting the tar to my downloads folder. ran reaper right after extracting and imported the various video files. each played fine.

then i did things like adding sws, importing configs from past version, copying reaper folder to ~/opt. each time i did one of these things i ran reaper through a test import of all of the video files. each time they all played fine. started to look like problem solved. then i rebooted and the problem returned as described at the start of this post.

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