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Just configuring Mint now. I'm already liking software manager better and also some of the configuration utilities.

Force full composition pipeline by appending xorg.conf worked fine, as I expected.

(edit) I just tested Reaper with my standard "stress test" project that I've used with various kernels (and also with Windows). Performance in Mint (19.1, 64-bit, XFCE) with its stock Kernel is comparable to MX Linux when the RT group setting is added (and I also had to install rtirq-init). It might be a hair less stable (more dropouts) with the CPU near 100%, but it's close. I'll poke around a bit for more optimizations but I even if I can't optimize it more, I don't think I'll notice a difference in performance compared to using MX since that test Reaper project is purposely ridiculous.

I was also able to update to the latest version of Reapack and it works fine now, as I suspected.

Back to the video topic for Babag:

In my fresh install of Linux Mint 19.1, letting the software manager do the update for VLC to its most current version (3.0.4), Reaper for Linux uses VLC for a decoder. Also FFMPEG was available (that might be due to the fact I used an option during install which said something like "install 3rd party drivers and codecs" because I figured it might include FFMPEG as well as the nVidia drivers I need for my video card).

I specifically tested VLC and then FFMPEG decoders by changing the decoder preferences, just to be sure. Both work fine.

When you go to preferences -> video/rex/misc, and click on the "show available decoder information" box on the top right, what do you see in that window? I get this, plus a lot of stuff below it for the ffmpeg/libav configuration (which I cropped out):

Available decoder information:

========== VLC ==========
VLC v3.0.x
Loaded from: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/vlc/plugins

========== ffmpeg/libav ==========
ffmpeg/libav DLL decoder v57.107.100

Loaded from: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
If you don't have FFMPEG, check the software manager for "multimedia codecs" (if you're not using Mint though, you might have to get FFMPEG some other way).
Using REAPER for Linux

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