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There are a couple things with MX that irritate me.

One is the "force full composition pipeline" (for nvidia drivers) issue I'm having. If I write the data to xorg.conf, when I reboot I get just the background image for the desktop and although that's all I see; I could run things, but I could not see them. I figured that out when my mouse cursor turned into the text cursor and I was able to type commands to reboot or logout, even though I couldn't see the text; I used the opportunity to "manually" revert the xorg.conf file in terminal to fix the problem. I had to make the "force full composition pipeline" command part of my startup group instead for some reason. This problem has existed for a couple versions of MX Linux (and my system) no matter what kernel version I chose, or whether I used sysvinit or systemd.

The second thing: because of an update from yesterday (an update that happened several days after I updated to the latest kernel), now when I boot I get a black screen with blinking underscore (and I can't do anything other than reboot with alt+ctrl+del). I'm able to boot using an older kernel which still exists on the system (that's what I'm using now) so I'm ok. But something got screwed up. It may have something to do with the fact I had to choose the latest kernel (which is being used in 18.3) in the package manager otherwise it wouldn't update itself; this is a problem pointed out on the MX forum, including that solution to updating the kernel.

So maybe the "rolling" nature of the MX distro is a bit messed up. I decided that if I'm going to reinstall Linux to get it fixed, at this point I'd rather try a more mainstream distro. If Mint works as well, I have no problem using it. I don't want to stick to the more "bleeding edge" side of things. Besides with my new Ryzen 7 coming, I won't have to be as concerned about keeping the kernel updated due to speculative execution exploits. More people I know are using Mint anyway, so it might be nice to be able to explain things to them from that particular perspective when they have issues (if I'm running the same distro, it's easier to walk someone through a fix).

I'm also not allergic to systemd for some unexplainable reason, like some people. Man, Linux nerds can be annoying. I can't find a significant reason for people hating on it, other than their personal feelings for the main author (and the fact it's a bit more complicated to mess with the kernel if they want, which I don't care about).

One more thing: GCC is 7.3.0 in the latest Mint (not LMDE). The latest Reapack doesn't work with the older GCC. It'd be nice to get the latest version of Reapack. I'm not going to start messing with dependencies to get a more current version of GCC working in MX.
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