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Future of scalable themes

We are hearing from time to time about Reaper6 and new theming engine. Yes, vector system supported by bitmaps would be super cool. But since those rumours are heard for long time, I don't believe new system will be ready in days.

Also, it's almost impossible that new major version of Reaper will not support old themes. This is what version tag is designed for. Considering long life for v5 themes I would encourage developers to make changes which allow flexible scaling of v5 themes.

I already mentioned it, but going to repeat it again:
1. yellow/pink marked areas - regardless various opinions, it's objectively show stopper for scaled themes. Scaling themes (changing pixel density in fact) will be never possible if some parts of the theme rely on unscalable object location/size.

For example if you make background for track idx using pink lines (very frequent usecase), this field will never change the size during scaling, while fonts will change the size, other elements will move etc. If such background is 10px tall for 100% theme, it must be 20px tall on Retina display. etc etc.

Once working, it will have no negative impact on existing 100% themes. It might have impact on some 200% depending on if the issue has been for this theme exploited improperly. Considering total number of 200% themes, only single occurrences might require fix. Or even none, considering all 200% themes has global_scale set to 2.0

2. volume fader thumbs must be scaled. It's not show stopper but major issue

3. toolbar icons, item icons, fxparams/fxlist arrows should be scalable. Minor issue though.

4. font sizes should be scaled obviously too. As a temporary workaround, I would see ability to set global_scale from ReaperTheme file. It would allow to link font sizes setup with particular scaling ratio.

5. Preferences / UI scale shouldn't require Reaper restart. And it should override settings in rtconfig. This way a user will be able to adapt Reaper appearance to own needs without need of digging in themes.

Please consider this article as friendly suggestions to what has to be done to enable all themes to all users. Changes are mainly in developers hands, it's true. But it's obvious they won't do anything unless specific needs will be voiced by theme creators

With regads

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