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Originally Posted by todd_r View Post
can the midi itme feedback any changes RS5K manger?
Patterns saving into project file individually from MIDI items so feedback is not possible. I can build an action for (trying to) parse MIDI take. This is complex since you may have various step counts + offsets for any note. It also will requre from me to introduce additional offset control parameter (like velocity).

And be able to use the Step sequencer on any track, including those without any instances of RS5K on?
Step seqencer is hard linked to RS5k instances by design. You can edit pattern outside parent track after moving to any track though.

Double click the swing/delay knob to set to zero
Currently resetting swing is alt+click, delay obey Menu/Mouse modifiers preference. I will probably drop doubleclick support since I`m not good at coding this clearly.

Double click pattern length to enter number manually
See 1.98, right click

Split individual steps to 2 or 3
Didn`t get what you mean.

Steps light up as they are triggered to show playback progress
That probably can be complex and to much unnesessary CPU. You can light up key names in step sequencer/mixer/drumpad though if you have JSFX tracker added to track and enabled in preferences.
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