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Default Janne Themes Pack

With the recently uploaded themes by Janne83, I have made edited versions of the Janne themes and named this small collection the "Janne Pack".

The Link is here ->

The pack just about exceeded the the Stashes 2mb limit so I had to upload it to dropbox instead. In this collection are edited versions of the following...

Janne V
Janne V - Tinted version
Janne Albinos
Janne Tronic

For Janne V, I've made some new layouts and made the track selection more visible among other visual changes. Same goes for the Tinted version which has tinted track & mixer panels.

For Janne Albinos & Tronic, which are from my previous upload but this time, they've been updated with some visual improvements.

Let me know if there any issues with the download etc.

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