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Originally Posted by ChrisBlue View Post
For instance if you want to use a mix console on every track like the Waves NLS .
Carefull with pasting just one Waves NLS instance (either via FX browser, FX Chain or Track Template) onto multiple tracks: this plugin contains several console modules (was it 24, or 32 or even more.. I don't remember) for each of the 3 consoles. Pasting just one source into several tracks will load the same module on every destination track. If you want different console modules on every track, as intended by the plugin's creators, you will have to enter the plugin seperately to every single track you want it on. This way, a different random module will be selected (by the plugin itself) to be used on every destination track.

Of course, it won't harm your sound, but using different modules instead of just the same on all tracks is supposed to give a "more analog feel" result.
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