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From a previous post.

01-28-2017, 02:40 PM
Is it possible to copy FX from one track to multiple other tracks in one shot?

First thing that comes to mind:

Make sure you have the free SWS extensions installed:

Then (for copy - pasting a complete FX Chain to multiple tracks):

a) Select the Track from which you want to copy the FX chain.
b) Execute Action: "SWS/S&M: Copy FX chain from selected track"
c) Select 1 or more Tracks, to which the FX chain must be pasted.
d) Execute the Action: "SWS/S&M: Paste FX chain to selected tracks"

For copy - pasting just 1 FX plugin to multiple Tracks:

Make sure you have ReaPack installed.

a) Open the to be copied FX plugin window.
b) Select 1 or more Tracks, to which that FX plugin must be pasted.
c) Execute Action: Script: "mpl_Insert focused FX to selected tracks.lua"

Other option for c):
Execute the Action "Script: mpl_Insert focused FX to selected tracks, preserve parameters.lua"

Hope this helps !
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