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I also posted about this some time ago:
SWELL/GDI and LICE: Is it possible to draw inside REAPER's window without flickering?, but I didn't get any answers, so I asked Justin on
Question: Is it possible for a REAPER script or extension to use swell/GDI to draw basic shapes such as lines inside other REAPER/swell windows, without flickering? Flickering is not unexpected, since the script and window paint their stuff alternately and separately. I have tried blocking WM_PAINT messages, and then sending my own WM_PAINT once per defer cycle, but t
Asked by Julian (54.39.119.x) on September 20 2018, 9:41am
Reply on September 20 2018, 2:20pm:

It's probably possible via subclassing, but it would get messy/tricky.
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