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Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
For the time being, this function will only work on Windows. I submitted a FR for a cross-platform version.
Why not add that code directly into the extension in the meantime? (For non-mac it'd probably be best to use gdk_window_set_opacity instead of talking directly to Xorg though.)

// macOS (Objective-C!)
if ([(id)hwnd isKindOfClass:[NSWindow class]])
  NSWindow *window = (NSWindow *)hwnd;

// Others (swell-generic)
#include <swell/swell-internal.h> // to get the definition of HWND__
GdkWindow *window = hwnd->os_window;
(This will fail badly if the SWELL implementation provided by the application – REAPER – ever changes its inner workings in the future.)

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