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Originally Posted by serr View Post
This Apple lover grew up with their professional products that would last 20 years, stay compatible, and give a lot of bang for the buck. So... we may be in the last chapter of Apple and OSX right here today but Windows sure isn't a reasonable option when you've been used to OSX for so long and it still delivers at a high level.
Just to note, I am in not in the lager of general Apple haters. Apple had many excellent ideas how to make things simple and working. From usable PCs up to usable smartphones and tablets, with OS and program written in codes. And they have recognized when it is time to re-invent Unix.

But complete closeness of the eco-system is error prone.
I was working on an experiment which was solely based on Apple. I have joined it at the time of OS9/PowerPC to OSX/Intel transition. That is about "last 20 years and stay compatible".

At the end of the day, I still can run almost any DOS/Windows software which I have ever used. And I still can run any Linux software I have ever used. Looking at incompatibility even between different OS-X versions, the same can not be written about Apple.

Finally, I have Dell XPS now. Stupidly constructed device. I will not buy Dell again (at least not in the near future). And there is no problem, there is a big choice. But what to do in case you have an Apple and you do not like it? Change "the planet"? Wait till they make it better?

BTW I use Linux, except for music and games.
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