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Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
I never worry about networks. They just work.

And it seems a waste to use 2 ESP's as one can do the job. Besides, I want to connect to an existing network, not have yet another one to add to the congestion.
For the overall subject of the thread, we want the devices talking to themselves only - albeit I'm far off topic (apologies azslow3!). It would basically be impossible for what I'm speaking of to "congest" anything. That's backed up by my own production testing for almost 3 years now.

Of course they are faster. But it seems a waste to use a 32 bit CPU with 512 MB ram for something that can be done with a Wireless 433 MHz serial chip. (800 MHz in the US, I think)
8266 isn't 32 bit or 512MB ram and we're talking 3.00 USD each, can be had for even less so that's a whole $6.00 for to (think can instead of can't ). You are thinking ESP32 but even then it's well worth it for a one off. If this was something someone was going to produce, they'd just buy the raw SMD chip and fab their own board which is also in that 3.00 each range but much less if more than a few.

It's the hardware that takes most time to debug. Serial over TCP/IP shouldn't take much work. Antennas. Power supply. That kind of unexpected wizardry...
It's easy really but this isn't for beginners nor was my entrance intended to be; IOW if someone with experience such as ours can't debug these, they need someone building for them.

I just designed these from the ground up then fabbed so I can purpose them for whatever I wish. The copper colored ones are the ones I designed and etched myself but then I had them fabbed professionally for $3 each so now I just "grab one and go" when I have a new idea - basically solder the SMD parts and ESP is maybe 1/2 hour tops:

I have them updating over the air now so I can update the code and deploy it without having to access the device. This could totally be done for a gtr pedal board thingy, I don't have the interest/need but if you guys keep naysaying I'm just going to show up with one, one day.
If it requires a null test to find it, it is by definition minuscule.

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