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Default Tracking Setup + Silly Question

Silly question first, I have to test my new remote config for tracking before I actually haul the gear and set up. Since my remote machine doesn't have Firwire, I'm running everything over USB3. I've tested by arming and live recording all 26 inputs simultaneously and all is well w/no glitches etc. This also captures the noise floor and only 4 channels had actual non-noise floor signals on them. Also the resulting file sizes are all the same (whether noise floor or real signal).

My question is, do I need full recording level signals on every track when testing record in order to test the bandwidth over this USB connection? These tests don't seem to show that I do but I need to be sure.

Now that that is out of the way, here is the setup. It all works, the UA-4710, lunchbox preamps, FF800 all interface into the UFX giving me roughly ~26 live inputs. I'd have 30 if it weren't for my UA-4710D's restriction of only 4 channels per ADAT pipe (doesn't matter 22 or so is all I really need). Anyway, took a while to document and map but it's all up and running and all tests show good for the moment.

The mic/pre choices could change but probably very, very little.

That's more drum mics than I typically use but transporting and setting up is an all day job minimum so I sort of have to over mic in this slightly unfamiliar room. All other inputs are live performing scratch tracks. IOW, I'll only keep what I need when I get back to the studio.
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