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Originally Posted by Aeolian View Post
Cubic is pretty experienced as far as theming goes, his comments are valid.

His nuendo grey theme is certainly in my top 5.
Exactly the kind of post that helps keeping my motivation intact to improve my work. So, a sincere thanks for this one...

Originally Posted by Luxmaji View Post
cubic13 -

Would you care to share some of your unfinished music so that we may break them down into things we don't like, or feel need work on? I think it's only fair.

Link please...

We are not talking about music delivered, here, just in case this would have escaped from you. So, as theming is the actual subject, here is the link to my contribution :

Feel free to test it to death, after having take a look on the bundled pdf documentation, and report back what could be misbehaving in this thread : I'm genuinely interested.

Originally Posted by Ogibear View Post
I wasn't born yesterday
I've seen and tried his work and I do respect him for what he has done,
but this theme he is attacking (so it seems, or is it WT ) is not finished, far from it, and it's clearly stated.
I know I won't be using this even when it's finished, but you have to be a blind cow ( your none seeing eyes buried in your ass ) if you don't see how well it's done.
Thanks for the acknowledgment but, again, no upload or related link posted here should be spared from criticism : I just stated what was misbehaving, in my view. Now, I expect from you an in depth test of WT work to confront the way we see the whole thing. My actual point is this one : if this is a WIP work (and I doubt it, at least for the mixer, considering all the screenshots posted in the OP), the thread related to it should welcome any report about what could be misbehaving.

We have an evident model : see the way Justin and Schwa interact with any comment in the 'Pre-release' forum. So, I'm sincerely wondering what the "I'm not necessarily looking for feedback at the moment" statement stands for. Again, what WT is expecting from such a thread, beside congrats ?
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