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Amplitube 4 custom shop has following issues on my system with both AU and VST in reaper osx v5.0 and v5.22 64 bit, lion 10.7.5 :

1. Room mic's level : no sound passes below approx 3/4 turn of dial after which gain rises rapidly to great excess regardless of whether cab mic's are turned on or off and regardless of whether in solo or not in room section. A -18 dbfs signal with unity gain set in amplitude will rise to over 0 dbfs with rooms mic's on full.

2. Changing from routing 1 ( stereo ) to 2 ( mono ) results in a rise in track level of over 10 dbfs.

3. With cab engaged ( match ) and amp spring reverb turned fully off, when in routing configuration 2 ( mono ), reverb is still present at just below default levels. This was also a problem in AT 3.

4. When plugin active, reaper play / stop will only respond when mouse cursor is placed within perimeter of plugin gui AFTER clicking on / adjusting any parameter or even just clicking on gui area of plugin.

5. Turning off cab sim ( bypass ) results in huge 20 -30 dbfs rise in track level.

6. Intermittent bug of no audio on track with plugin engaged. Turn off individual plugin in fx and track audio will come back.

7. Specific to AT mesa boogie amps ( only tried 2-3, triple rec, MK II and MK IV ) gain staging of plugin input output is off by approx 8 dbfs. With AT input on max and output on minimum, turning amp master volume on max results in ~8 dbfs rise in track volume making gain staging on track and to other plugins more time consuming and requiring separate volume plugin after amplitude in this example.

Plugin was uninstalled via uninstaller, and disk permissions repaired on restart, then reinstalled and problems persisted.

Had non of these problems in AT 3 CS on same system except no's. 3 and 4.

Contacted AT tech support who are trying to help. Not the end of the world if can't sort it i suppose. just like the sound and convenience of room but can't use it as either too much or too little, and reverb always on cabs in mono but can force track to mono from stereo as work around.

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