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Default praise earlabs and touchosc templates

Originally Posted by earlabs View Post
Total rework. I have now made a design that is totally to my own liking. I use the iPad not in the traditional sense like the LogicPad but just as an extra quick pad for my left hand. I have the mouse in the right hand, a BCR in front and the iPad at the left hand side.

I have made a layout where the most often used buttons are to the lower left so that I can easily get there. The lower left is used to scroll between the tracks and then directly to the right of those are the transport buttons in a layout that I am used to. I hardly ever record stuff so that button is moved to the right. I work a lot with markers and so those buttons are directly next to the transport buttons.

The second screen is for send and FX stuff. As you can see the layout to the lower left is quite similar to the first screen. Directly above are the buttons controlling the various inserts, with a big button to open the vst window. The upper right is for controlling the parameters of the vst's. I think these could be more but I don't know how to connect more sliders to .ReaperOSC file. The other stuff is quite self explaining.
Kudos, sir.

there's a in this thread, is that the best resource to use to try and get touchreaper working?

just getting started (with reaper and MIDI and OSC), I WAS still using the logicpad layout... just worked out how to get the layout on iphone.... wow!

Is there a guide? Kinda worked out that the latch/read/touch/off is automation control, M is mute, S is solo, 'l' is toogle auto-record, what's R? It adds a show track fx input button...

Lots of other pages to seemingly connect to whatever vst ya wanna control, is that what the 'bind fx' feature is for, like a CC LEARN mode?

EDIT: ok, quick google and I found a really good vid. gonna have a good play and read and see what needs (re)configuring to make it fully reaper 5 compatible.


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