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Thank you again, because of your routing suggestions, I figured out how to do something else (that everyone else besides me knows about) with Sampletank today. (Kontakt will have to wait.)

I let the Yamaha keyboard send an analog piano signal to Reaper, and recorded it as a .wav track. And I had it send MIDI data to Reaper to record a MIDI track at the same time.

Then I loaded Sampletank onto a VSTi track, loaded an organ sample into Sampletank, and created another audio track in Reaper to record the organ sound.

Whooo hooo. Your routing worked again, and Reaper recorded an organ .wav track.

So maybe now it is time to always record a MIDI track whenever I use that Yamaha on a song. I can then later have the keyboard parts become trumpets, violins, glockenspiels, or a trio of didgeridoos. Oooo perhaps even a humpenscrump or its cousin the hurdy-gurdy.

Hmmm are there really samples of those things?

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