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(a) on page 2, I do not think you need the MIDI Output enabled,
(b) on page 5/6, the MIDI device needs to be selected for track 2, not track 1,
(c) on page 10, you might wish to alter the Outputs for the Drawbars and Flute instruments as they are currently going to channels 3+4 on the ST3 track (which, currently, are not going anywhere),
(d) on page 11, the ST3 track does not need to be RecArmed,
(e) on page 15, the audio track is shown as receiving from "stereo mix" which may well be another input coming back from the 828?
(f) on page 16, the Drawbars instrument is set to be played by MIDI on MIDI channel 02 and the Flute by MIDI on MIDI channel 03. The ST3 keyboard plays whichever instrument is selected in the Instrument Rack, and your keyboards are set to send MIDI on MIDI channel 01, triggering the J Bass.

Your pic on page 17 shows a better set up; here is what you need for ST3:

-- track 2 Records the MIDI from the keyboard and Sends it to track 1
-- track 1 has ST3 which creates the audio, and Sends it to track 3,
-- track 3 Records the audio Output.

As in:

Multiple instruments on multiple channels comes later.
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