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Default MIDI Semi-Clueless or Semi-MIDI Clueless or Just Clueless

I realize this is an old thread, but hope this post will be seen by somebody - anybody...AAAAaaaahhhhhyyy! Well, okay, somebody who knows what he/she is doing with MIDI.

Prior to 3 or 4 weeks ago, my entire MIDI experience consisted of running a MIDI cable out from a Yamaha 76-key some-thing-or-other, and sending the signal to a Roland VK-8M - a Hammond B3 emulator. The VK-8M then puts out an analog signal, and I am happy as a clam.

MIDI originally came along a couple years after I had gotten out of the music and recording business. Yes, I am old enough to be a geezer. Don't 'ya just love Photoshop?

But wait! Several weeks ago I bought EZ Drummer 2, plus three EZX modules, so now I get to plug my Yamaha something-or-other keyboard into the MIDI input on one of my interfaces.

To my amazement, this works wonderfully well! Yeah - I can even play various drum sounds from various keys. Who would have thunk it?

Next I download the free version of Kontakt (3.5 I believe) and it makes sounds from me pushing keys on the something-or-other. Whoooo hoooo!

Then I download HOPI's Multichannel VSTi how-to .pdf. What a lot of work from Hopi. Thanks Hopi. And I download the suggested Sampletank and sounds.

I have gone through the process in Hoipi's PDF some 7 or 8 times now without making it work! I think that is the definition of insanity - doing the same thing while expecting different results. Well, I've never claimed to be completely sane - nor have many of my friends. But my day to day friends know nothing about MIDI - they think it must be some new kind of food.

So that you can see what I am doing, I made a PDF file of my progress - complete with pictures - almost like a comic book. It has too many images to waste space and bandwidth here at cockos' forum, so I put it here...

So what am I missing? Shhh - be nice.



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