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Originally Posted by Magicbuss View Post
Can you guys give me some concrete examples of WHERE one would use a dynamic EQ.

I cant wrap my head around multiband compression at all. Dynamic eq seems easier to grasp but I'm having a hard time determining how and why it would be useful.

For something like sibilance I'd use a dedicated de-esser or just reduce it manually through editing. Same with plosives. Those are the only frequency dependent issues I can think of where a dynamic EQ would be useful but in my case redundant.
You know how a compressor works.
You hear something poking out here and there that you want to turn down. So you set the threshold for the 'turn it down above here' point. Set your attack for how quick it turns it down. Set your release for how gradually it lets the volume back up.

But... what if the thing you want to automate turning down is in a specific frequency band? And further what if there are things in other frequency bands that are often louder than the 'turn it down above here' point for the thing you are after? (The volume automation would hit wrong - based on the other loud thing - is what.)

Let's split the frequency range into bands and put a compressor on each individual band! The multiband compressor is born.

A dynamic EQ is simply a single band of a multiband compressor.

You only use these tools when you specifically need to do surgery that way.

This is not a device for giving your mix a 'sound' or 'vibe'.
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