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Dave - what have you got the cat tuned to?

OP: I have had the chance to test AD and SD2 AND Slate 4 platinum extensively, but not BFD3, a I decided I didn't like it enough to pay the money for the full version.
Slate has a large selection of very usable drum sounds but there again so does AD2 and SD2.

There are two things you have to decide here - am I looking mostly of ease of use with my e-kit, or quality and variety of sounds?

I have a feeling you will wind up like myself and many others who are "picky" about their drum sounds and buy a LOT of romplers & soundsets.
One to try out is AnalogueDrums dot com's Big Mono which is free but you do need Kontkat free to try it out and the full version of kontakt if you want to use any non-authorised 3rd party kontakt libraries.
I wound up buying kontakt 3 on super special sale and it now forms such an integral part of what I do, it was a no-brainer.

ALL my horn parts re done with Kontakt instruments, for instance.
So not just good for drums.
If you go this route, check out Analogue Drums Splitsticks kit. cheap and really good.

This is a really shit quality demo, but listen to the drums and see if you like them. That is ezd1 with the classic rock kit playing a very basic loop I programmed in for the demo. Final track is going to be real players and 2" tape (I hope)
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