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Sorry about the question re REASON, some folks just caught out installing a "bad ass" crack! Just had to be asked.

No older restore point - that's a PITA.

"Hijack This" will give a report of what's tacked into your browser and also what's getting started up when you boot and is running (and may be upsetting the system!).

Don't know your interface, but most have their own control panels/mixers etc ... are there any options in the software for the interface which you (or a bad bit of s/w) has meddled with and disabled the MIDI port(s)???


PS Just one quick thing ... When you plug your keyboard in with the USB midi, make sure you plug it in AND switch the keyboard on BEFORE opening REAPER ... (you won't see the USB Midi device in REAPER if you plug it in after starting reaper ... coz the USB device won't have been enumerated and available and so will not bee seen by REAPER ...)

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