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Originally Posted by Coachz View Post
Or you can just forget compression and just ride the faders with volume Automation and also preserve all the beautiful transients at the same time.
So, I just went and read at least most of these threads (at least enough to get the idea). I then pulled up my song "Evergreen" by Barbra Streisand.

My Lead Vocal Started out with:

1. EQ
2: reaComp
3: Waves Tune Real-Time

I just cut the reaComp out of the chain and am getting a good sound. The waveform is not too crazy all over the place

I'm guessing that I should ride the faders only if and when I think I should, right? I pulled up a few videos on 'Riding the Faders', and in the examples they used, it may have been for the sake of providing an example, but, the spots where they were riding the faders there were very obvious volume differences.
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