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Originally Posted by tpulse View Post
Ehat exactly can you do with FP8 on reaper ? . How inegrated is Reaper with Faderport8 and if possible how can i add my custom commands on the "control surfare", i mean i would want to
show mixer, toggle fx monitor on off, metronome etc
Fader, pan pots, metronome, automation, arm, mute , solo, repeat all work out of the box.

You can add MIDI triggers to the action list to customise some button presses.

It really needs a native mode controller like Harrison Mixbus has for it to be fully featured. I think Mixbus nearly covers everything with a few problems here and there while MCU mode in Reaper seems to be around 60% coverage.

The CSI isn't good enough yet to drive the FP8/16 effectively.
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